What our clients have to say


"Prior to Xima Chronicall, it would have been
virtually impossible for our team leaders to
quantify the "ready time" for agents as well as
many other aspects of a call center."


"Xima's web interface is intuitive and makes it
so simple to find and listen to calls via a web
browser, something that we desperately needed that no other company was able to provide for us."

Ada Ride

"I called the toll-free line and got custom
programming and one-on-one attention
when I called. I've never experienced that in all
my years of different software support
packages. It's just second-to-none."


"I can actually make a phone call from my cell
phone into the system and see that I'm calling
in. The live wallboards are head and shoulders
above everything else I've ever looked at."

Success Stories

Ada Ride

Los Angeles-based company ADA Ride offers an efficient way for people with disabilities to apply for para-transit services at a time when demand is on the rise. The nature of their business demands excellent customer service, and while they hava always provided it, they didn't have a way to generate concrete statistics that could prove it to anyone who asked.

Austin Pain

"Xima Support is excellent" would summarize how Austin Pain Associates feels about Chronicall. Austin Pain Associates is a medical practice who specializes in pain management. They are located in central Texas and their mission statement reads that they want to be the best in customer service. Xima wanted to provide them that same level of service in all aspects of our software and Austin Pain Associates said, "Xima Support is the main reason we use Chronicall."


All Risks, Ltd. was formed in 1964 in Baltimore, Maryland as an excess and surplus lines facility but has grown tremendously over the last 50 years and now has offices in 13 states. They primarily serve all types of insurance agencies throughout the United States. This growth made it difficult to standardize their telecommunications. They originally had 4 different telephone systems, which was costly as each time they needed to make a change they had to have a technician come on-site. Sunrise Solutions Inc., an Avaya SME Expert and Xima Bronze partner found the perfect fit for All Risks using Avaya's IP Office Server and Xima Chronicall. This solution would allow All Risks to manage each location from a centeralized interface, as well as provide the metrics needed for their multiple call centers.

Daedalus Books & Music

Daedalus Books & Music is an online store selling thousands of quality bargain books, CD's, and DVD's for the independent reader and listener. Daedalus Books was using the same phone system for over 15 years and although the system was running well, it presented a few challenges that they wanted to overcome with today's technology. Xima Software and Bennet Communications (Columbia office) provided that solution using the Avaya IP Office and Xima Chronicall. Xima Software was a large factor in the customer choosing to go with IP Office. "The Realtime software was better than anything else I had seen," said John Reid, IT Manager. Because of the customized options provided with the Realtime Software, Daedalus Books was able to display the values that were important to them and their call center.


Founded in 1997 and with head offices in Dublin, Digiweb is a full service national communications and managed services provider. They provide nationwide broadband access, enterprise data networks, data center and web hosting services, managed services, and telephony to residential, business, and public sector customers. By virtue of its national wireless network and satellite services, Digiweb owns and operates Ireland's largest alternative last-mile access network. With numerous agents in their call center it became difficult to manage their agents.


Martin Miranda from Sistemas Digitales Mexico recently sold the Chronicall suite of software to Infotecn ologia Corportativa, also known as iCorp from Queretaro Mexico. iCorp is an IT support call center with over 200 employees who take inbound calls from all over North and South America. They acquired an IP Office to help them fulfill their call center responsibilities but found themselves frustrated with the recording platform.

RMA of Texas

Reproductive Medical Associates (RMA) of Texas employs a team of reproductive endocrinologists who offer fertility care and treatments. Their business is growing quickly -- within the next few months, they estimate that their number of employees will increase by almost 50%. But this growth made it harder for the RMA staff to give every caller the level of attention they needed.

Alliance Funding Group

Alliance Funding Group was founded in 1998 and since the company was created they have been experiencing rapid growth. They have multiple offices spread throughout Southern California and have funded over half a billion dollars in equipment leases and unsecured business loans. Their customers range from small businesses to enterprise companies, including many on the Fortune 1000.