Chronicall, started out as a simple call event monitoring application, but it has evolved into an all-purpose custom call reporting, call recording and real-time display software suite

Standard Reports

Custom Reports

Recording Library


Agent Dashboards

Xima Care

Standard Reports

We have created over 50 reports, charts, and graphs
that are ready for you to report on your data.

There is no shortage of data found within Chronicall Standard Reports. Xima Software understands that collecting information is only as valuable as your ability to find and analyze it. With each Chronicall installation detailed data is being collected and stored in a way that is easy to retrieve and view. We have built over 40 different reports so you can truly understand what’s happening on the phones. These reports can show you detailed information about each call. You can also run summary reports showing you quickly the information you need, or perhaps you wish to report overtime using one of our many time interval reports. We have separated our reports into filters so you can find the report that best fits your needs quickly. Report filters include:

  • Agent / Extension Reports
  • Group Reports
  • External Number / Caller ID Reports
  • Call Direction
  • Call Costing
  • Time Interval
  • Trunk

We understand that there are a lot of different reporting options for you to choose. However, one of the most unique aspects of Chronicall is our Cradle to Grave program and Call Detailed View that allows for a greater in depth look into your reports. These programs allow you to view every detail about each call in a chronological order. The layout can be customized to fit your company’s needs and you can filter the data to only show the specific calls you are looking for. You can use Cradle to Grave or Call Detailed View to verify our reports to ensure their accuracy. You can also use these programs to troubleshoot the phone system to ensure calls are being routed to the appropriate destination.

Additional features included within Chronicall Standard Reports include:

  • Unlimited Supervisor Logins
  • Report Scheduling (PDF, EXCEL, CSV, and HTML Formats)
  • Instant 911 EMAIL, SMS Text, and Pop Screen Alerts
  • User Access Controls
  • Detailed Charts Available Within Each Report (PIE, LINE and BAR CHARTS)

Custom Reports

You know your business better than we do, so we
have made it easy to make custom reports for your
unique information that isn't covered in our
Standard Reports.

Xima Software spent a lot of time creating their Standard Reports. They wanted to provide a solution that would fit the needs of most businesses. However, we realize that we couldn’t create the perfect reports that fit every company’s needs. We also understand that you know your business better than we do. That is why we created our Custom Reports Module. Chronicall’s custom report creator is easy to and allows anyone to create custom reports in minutes. You don’t need to know Crystal Reports, or be a developer. You just follow the step by step report wizard and it will allow to you build a report on the criteria that fits your business needs. First you choose your report type. Currently Xima allows for the following types of reports:

  • Agent
  • Account Code
  • Call Direction
  • Call Detailed Report
  • Caller ID / External Number
  • Event Type
  • Feature Type
  • Group
  • Local Number / DDI
  • System Report
  • Time Interval
  • Trunk

After you select the report type you are presented with all of Xima’s default values. You can select the appropriate values, and you can also apply filters to help you pinpoint the exact information you need. Every aspect of the report’s layout and function, including the report summaries you want to display, the order of the columns, how the report is sorted, and charts and graphs are all available options found within the custom reports wizard.

Some additional highlights and features of the Custom Reports module include the ability to be notified if a threshold is hit found within one of your custom reports. You can also change the look and feel of the reports which allows you to brand the report to fit the look and feel of your company. Lastly, with so many options and settings available, we understand that some users might need additional assistance creating their reports. If you have Xima Care and need help creating a report, the Xima support team is only a phone call or email away. We will make sure that you have the reports you need to make managing your call data as simple as possible.

Recording Library

Automatically catalogs recorded calls and makes
them ready to listen.

Don’t let anything come between you and the accurate call recordings your business relies on. Call Recording is the best modern tool that allows managers to improve employee performance without changing any business processes. By having this information integrated within Chronicall’s Cradle to Grave Application you are provided all the information you will need in order to evaluate your employee’s performance. Xima provides multiple recording options supported between their different platforms. Found throughout all of these options are the different recording rules customers can deploy to ensure they only record the calls they want to record. Recording rule types:

  • Extension
  • Group
  • Incoming Phone Number
  • External Numbers
  • Manual Recording
  • Percentages

Xima’s organization of your recordings allows for easy access so you can find the call you are looking for quickly. Using their Cradle to Grave filter option you can virtual filter for any type of call criteria. All of the calls are compressed using Speex codec, which is optimized for high-quality playback. They average 100KB per minute, giving you more storage space than ever before. You can also set retention policy allowing for automated archiving. You can set a policy based on either available storage space, time, or both. Users can download, email, generate external links, or listen to them within Chronicall. Using Chronicall’s user-based access controls you can determine which calls your employees have access to. Xima Recording Library is the perfect solution for quality assurance, workforce optimization and training purposes.


Brings you better real-time statistics and detailed
reports to make management simple.

Chronicall Realtime allows you to effectively manage your agents in Realtime. With Chronicall Realtime you are given three supervisor displays: Agent Timeline, Group Timeline and Realtime Stats, also known as wallboards. This is true real-time; there is no five-second refresh rate. As soon as a call comes in or an agent's status changes, Chronicall incorporates the new data into the unique Agent Timeline, Group Timeline, and Realtime wallboards. This module also allows you to track specific feature events like Agent DND/AUX/Realtime time, Group Login and Logout Time, and Idle time. This information is tracked and then recorded to the database which allows you to report historically on the agent’s performance.

With the Agent Timeline, you can see each of your agents' current activities and statuses in a simple timeline format. Unlike other reporting software that only shows what your agents are doing at the moment, the Agent Timeline leaves behind a record of each agent's behavior in the past. This gives you a contextual understanding of the data and allows you to make critical decisions with confidence and accuracy.

Accurate queue statistics are vital for efficient call center management. The Group Timeline displays these statistics for each hunt group with a set of continuously updating graphs representing the number of queued calls, the longest wait time, and the average wait time side by side. As calls enter or leave a hunt group's queue, the graphs change accordingly, giving you the knowledge you need in order to adjust your resources in real time.

With Realtime Stats you can effectively turn any screen into a wall board. Chronicall offers a number of different templates for you to use, but again we wanted to offer our customers the ability to customize these displays you can track the specific information that pertains to your company. Chronicall wallboards offer scrolling marquees, charts, graphs, text boxes, agent and group leaderboards. These widgets can contain virtual any value about your agents and groups and be customized for yourself or your entire team that looks and works like your own custom-branded software.

Xima Alerts and Triggers extends your realtime information beyond the screen. This enhanced feature allows you to be notified in the event of an emergency; maybe too many calls in queue, maybe an agent has been logged out too long, or perhaps you missed too many calls. With Alerts and Triggers you can be notified via POP Screen messages, Email, or SMS Text messages that way you can quickly take action and rectify any issues that may be occurring.

Agent Dashboards

Agent Dashboards is a revolutionary solution
that brings realtime data to your desktop
and offers an easy way to see the status of
other users.

Xima Chronicall's Agent Dashboards module is all about the agents. The application is a unique set of features that allow for greater data management, a better customer experience, and increases agent performance. Its core features are as follow:

  • Agent Dashboard Display
  • Pop Screen with Web-based CRM API
  • Agent DND/Aux/Release Codes
  • Job Code / Disposition Code Assistance

With Agent Dashboard Displays you can take the Realtime data out of the web browser and onto the desktop. Agents can keep track of customized Realtime data that fits their needs. Agents can monitor statistics about themselves, their groups, or the entire system without opening Chronicall or looking at a wallboard; everything they need to know is available on their own screen at all times. The Dashboards window can be resized or docked to their screen for maximum flexibility, while multiple animation settings allow agents to choose the style they like best. These displays are 100% customizable and controlled by the system supervisors and administrators.

Dashboards also generates helpful pop-up windows for the agent whenever they make or receive calls. These pop-up notifications provide information about the caller like who’s calling, where they are calling from, and allow for tagging of account codes / job codes / disposition codes. This helps management determine more information about the call. Chronicall Dashboard also provides an API to pop third party web-based CRM’s.

Being able to track agent productivity is extremely important for all businesses. With agent reason codes you can now effectively track why an agent is stepping away from their phone. With Agent DND/Aux/Release codes you can customize the reasons that fit your company’s needs. All of this information is stored in Chronicall's database and can be used to generate detailed reports.

Chronicall Presence is another Dashboards desktop utility that lists the current status of each Realtime agent, along with their agent image, extension, and current call details. Through Presence, agents can chat and share files back and forth between them and their supervisors.

Xima Care

We strive to deliver world class service and support.
Xima Care gives you unlimited access to the Xima
support team for technical support, remote installation,
training, and much more.

In order to provide the best possible service and technical support to our partners and customers, we offer Xima Care. Xima Care is an optional maintenance agreement that provides one year of technical support and software updates. Authorized partners or customers can call us directly to receive unlimited support on Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm MST. Xima Care coverage includes all of the following services:

  • Installation support
  • Diagnosis of software problems
  • Free major and feature releases
  • End-user training
  • Running and scheduling reports
  • Assistance with creating custom reports
  • Live call flow analysis
  • Building Realtime canvases

Don't let anything come between you and accurate call recordings. Capture them at the source with Xima Software's VRTX (Voice Recording Technology) solution. Simply connect the in-line hardware between your T1, E1, or SIP physical circuit and your phone system, then plug it in to your Chronicall server. The VRTX hardware will record everything that passes through and report it to Chronicall, where the Recording Library module will pick up those recordings and make them available to listen to from the Cradle to Grave interface.

Like Chronicall, Xima VRTX hardware is highly modular. Each type of VRTX hardware can be used in any combination. A Recording Library license is prerequisite for all hardware, and each appliance is covered under Xima Care. A 7' Cat 5 patch cable and a 6' USB cable are also included with each VRTX appliance.

Recording Rule Types:

  • Agent / Extension Reports
  • Group Reports
  • External Number / Caller ID Reports
  • Call Direction
  • Call Costing
  • Time Interval
  • Trunk

One other evolutionary aspect of Xima VRTX, it doesn’t act as a single point of failure as it’s a pass-through device. Meaning, if the box loses power, or gets disconnect from the Chronicall PC your trunks will continue to function allowing for reliability on your phone circuits.

Other VRTX Features:

  • PCI and HIPPA Compliant
  • Secure Call Recording, reporting and Storage Encryptions (PBE, MD5 and DES)
  • Pause, Stop, and Record from the beginning all available through VRTX
  • Web API to ensure sensitive information is not recorded
  • User based access controls. Only allow user access to calls they are allowed to monitor
  • Email, Download, External Link Generator
  • Unlimited Logins
  • Realtime Display to see which calls are currently being recorded
  • Realtime Alerts if recording ever stops logging or runs out of ports

Xima VRTX is an award winning solution for its innovation, ease of use and flexibility. It is also eligible for coverage by our world-class support package, Xima Care, so you can rest assured knowing that Xima has all of your technical support and troubleshooting covered.