The Balance Sheet Of Your Phone System

Xima's Chronicall Software Wins Accolades - and Business

When your bottom line depends on telephone interactions, you need a way to keep track of what’s happening every time a call comes in or goes out.

That’s where Xima’s award-winning Chronicall software comes in.

"You can’t manage what you can’t measure," says Cody Winget, one of Xima’s founders. "That’s really what Chronicall provides. This is the balance sheet of your phone system."

Xima, a software company based near Salt Lake City, was founded in 2007 by a group who knew the telephony industry from the inside. They had been the ones installing phone systems. While working with hardware, they realized the software was lacking, Winget says.

"It was not doing what it should," Winget says. "It was cumbersome to install and maintain. It was costly."

Three Pillars of Success

Xima’s success rests on three pillars: product, global partners and team members.

First, the product. Chronicall lets managers of businesses of all sizes see – in real time – how their organization is performing in terms of call history and reporting. Xima is so confident in its product, it gives potential customers a free two-week trial of Chronicall. It doesn’t take long before they’re sold, Winget says.

"It starts with the ease of installation," he says. "Then, once it’s installed, our user experience is really straight forward. Chronicall is easy to use, easy to navigate."

Winget has heard from businesses that, within a day or two, have used Xima’s software to identify problem employees or abuse of phones. "That justified the purchase," he says.

Xima has been named the fifth fastest growing company in Utah by Mountain West Capital Network - Utah 100.

Then, there are Xima’s global partners. Since 2007, the company has created a network of some 800 partners around the world, a channel of integrators, suppliers and distributors all working to expand Chronicall’s reach. "They have grasped the value of our business," Winget says. "They’re ambassadors."

Finally, there are Xima’s team members and culture. "The people we’ve hired and we maintain are the best in the industry," he says. Xima has worked hard to create an environment where its team members can look forward to coming to work and having a lifelong career.

As a result, Utah Business Magazine has named the firm one of the Best Places to Work in Utah.

"We take great pride in the quality of every professional who works at Xima and we’re equally as proud of the culture we have developed together," Winget says.

Looking to the Future

Xima has won a host of business awards and already has 6,000 installations of its Chronicall software worldwide, from the federal government to car companies to restaurant chains to insurance companies.

But the company understands there are additional opportunities outside of telephony. So, it’s developing additional collaboration tools to complement its telephony software. The new tools should be rolled out within the year, Winget says.